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Recommended for Ages 5-12

CanSkate, Skate Canada’s flagship program is one of the most sought-after skating programs in Canada. CanSkate was developed by experts to teach the fundamentals of skating in a progressive manner. Designed for beginners of all ages, the focus is on fun, participation and basic skill development. Participants earn ribbons and badges as skills are mastered. Skaters are taught in a group lesson format by Skate Canada professional coaches and supported by trained program assistants. CanSkate is the foundational and feeder program for all other Skate Canada club and community ice sport programs.

The CanSkate learning environment is enhanced through fun, music and colourful teaching aids and props along with praise and feedback from coaches. This unique intro-to-ice environment is designed to stimulate and maintain interest and enthusiasm among skaters, allowing participants to gain the physical competency and confidence to remain active for life!

 CanSkate Program Objectives

  • To provide participants and families with a safe, welcoming and inclusive first experience to the sport of skating.

  • To develop skating and motor skills through natural learning phases (introduction, acquisition, retention/mastery.

  • To use skill progression and repetition throughout the stages to introduce physical literacy and establish quality basic skating skill.

  • To foster personal achievements and satisfaction through skill acquisition, reward and recognition.

  • To evoke an interest in life-long participation in skating. 

 CanSkate Program Structure and Awards


The CanSkate program curriculum is organized into six progressive stages of learning. Each stage is broken down into three Fundamental Areas:

  • Balance: Concentrating on forward skills, pushing technique, and edges

  • Control: Concentrating on backwards skills, stopping and speed elements

  • Agility: Concentrating on turning and jumping skills

The awards consist of:

  • Three Fundamental Area ribbons for each stage

  • Six stage badges

To pass a stage badge skaters must achieve all Fundamental Area ribbons (Balance, Control and Agility) from the corresponding stage. The skill requirements for each Fundamental Area are indicated on the report card.



6:15-7:00 PM 6:15-7:00 PM 4:15-5:00 PM 11:00 AM-11:45 AM


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