Welcome to Thorncliffe Greenview Ice Skating Club!

The Thorncliffe-Greenview Ice Skating Club is a Skate Canada sanctioned skating club.  We are committed to providing an atmosphere that encourages enjoyment, personal development and achievement through quality skating programs.

Skate Canada is dedicated to the principle of enabling every Canadian to participate in skating throughout their lifetime for Fun, Fitness and Achievement.

*Please note there are 0 TGISC bingo's remaining!

Bingo's are offered on a "first come first serve" basis.

Families can work off up to 75% of their registration fees in bingo's, HOWEVER 

TGISC gets a limited number of bingo's so it is first come, first serve.

Thanks to our skating families for picking all the bingo's so early in the season!!  This helps us keep your ice costs down.






Click on the REGISTRATION tab to begin!

  • Make sure to create a profile account - ALL MEMBERS will need to do this even if you have skated with us before.
  • Be sure of what program you're registering for, for what days and for which season(s) - FALL WINTER AND/OR SPRING.
  • The more seasons you register for up front, the more you save. You can sign up all the way until Spring 2016 if you like!
  • *Bingo Volunteering is available up to 75% off of your fees! *see note at top of home page

Questions?? Email: registrar@tgiceskatingclub.com.


Get a "Kickstart" to your Skating Season! 


Registration for KickStart Sessions and ALL TGISC programs to being August 13th @ 12pm (mst)!

Benefits of 4-week Kickstart Sessions:

  • Great way to prepare for the upcoming hockey season!
  • Excellent opportunity to get used to new skates and equipment before hockey tryouts or regular Fall & Winter skating sessions!
  • A chance to kickstart skating progress before the regular Fall & Winter Marching Penguins, CanSkate, & CanPowerSkate sessions!

Benefits of TGISC programs:

  • Experienced, NCCP Certified instructors
  • Low skater to professional coach ratios
  • Monitored skater progress (regular progress reports & report cards)
  • Incentives (ribbons, badges, stickers, coloring pages, theme days, etc)
  • *Bingo volunteering can offset up to 75% of program fees!!! 
  • *see note at top of home page