The CanPowerSkate program stresses balance, power, agility, speed and endurance skills, all which are especially important for hockey and ringette players.  CanPowerSkate is an ideal complement for those athletes playing on hockey or ringette teams.  Strong skating skills and good physical conditioning are provided through participation in this program. 

Pre-PowerSkate and CanPowerSkate is best for skaters aged six or older who already have basic forward and backward skating skills and are able to stop on command without use of the boards. PrePowerSkate and CanPowerSkate are not learn to skate programs. 

Eligibility Requirements (Skaters must be a least 6 years old to participate in Pre-PowerSkate and CanPowerSkate programs):

CanPowerSkate is taught in a group environment; therefore all participants should have basic skating ability and should be able to manage the following skills:  

  • Be able to get up on their own.
  • Be able to skate forward the length of the ice using alternate strides.
  • Be able to skate backward the width of the ice using alternate strides
  • Be able to stop without the use of the boards. 

Skaters who cannot perform these skills on their own should commence in the CanSkate program, for skaters 5 years old and up and Pre-CanSkate for skaters between the ages of 3 to 5.

If you are unsure whether or not to register for Pre-PowerSkate or CanPowerSkate please register for Pre-Power and after the first session we can determine if your child is ready for CanPowerSkate.


Maximum 24 skaters will be allowed on the ice.  


Benefits of Participating in CanPowerSkate (CPS) 

CanPowerSkate will teach skaters to develop and improve both their personal style of skating plus improve the biomechanical efficiency of their skating. Once the individual is skating efficiently, the focus changes to developing power and speed. 

Participants in the CPS Program should wear full hockey equipment that is CSA approved.  There will be a range of recreational, hockey, ringette and experienced skaters involved in this program. 

The CPS program is available only to Skate Canada member clubs and sanctioned skating schools. 

Only Skate Canada member Coaches trained and certified at a CPS Coaches Course are qualified to instruct the CPS program. 


The Course 

Each CPS class will be 60 minutes in length and run each Tuesday evening from 6 to 7pm.  Pre-PowerSkate will be 45 min. in length from 6 to 6:45pm on Tuesdays.  The course is made up of drills and instruction on all listed skills.  There is time allotted for games at the end of each class. The games emphasize what was learned in the class and are always fun. There is a timed drill used at the beginning and end of the course so the skater, parent and coach know which level the skater should be in.


CanPowerSkate Skills Award Program 

The CPS program has been designed to systematically advance skaters through six levels of achievement. Level l focuses on the fundamentals of skating: Level ll skaters build on these fundamentals: Level lll focuses on agility and quickness.

Level lV and above are more advanced levels with Level Vl incorporating stick handling into the circuit. 

At the conclusion of the 10-session course, skaters are evaluated on skill level and timed as they perform a test involving seven skills in a course-like pattern. The skater receives a mark combining his skill performance, plus test time. This determines whether the skater receives a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award. A Gold Award is recommended to be earned before moving onto the next level.


How Long Does It Take to Complete the CanPowerSkate Program? 

All skaters must progress at their own speed. The length of time it takes a skater to complete a program is determined by: 

  • Age, size, maturity and strength.
  • The amount of extra ice time
  • Quality of equipment


Overview of Skills 

The CanPowerSkate program includes 23 skills from Levels 1 through 6. The following is what each level includes: 

Level 1 

Forward stride

Backward stride

180 Degree tight glide turn backward

Backward Snowplow Start (V-start)

Forward Side Stops (two feet)


Level 2 

Forward Crossovers

Backward Crossovers

Fast Forward Start (V start)

Backward to Forward 180 Degree



Level 3 

Fast Forward Crossover Start

Forward to Backward 180 Degree Pivot

Backward Snowplow  Stop/Start (one foot)

Reverse Pivot Turn


Level 4 

Forward Side Stop/Start (1-ft.)

Reverse 360 Degree Pivot

Forward Crossover - Quick

Change of Direction

360 Degree Tight Glide Turn


Level 5 

Forward Change of Speed

Forward Lateral Movement

Backwards Lateral Movement

Fast Backward Start

Backward to Forward 45 Degree  Pivot

Forward 360 Degree Spin


Level 6 

A combination of all skills incorporating use of a puck/ring.


Skaters should be equipped with....

  • Full hockey gear
  • Hockey Skates
  • CSA approved Helmet
  • Hockey Stick



6:00 - 7:00pm CanPowerSkate

6:00 - 6:45pm PrePowerSkate

KickSTART/Fall/Winter/Spring Sessions


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